If you have just moved to New Zealand or moved from another city in New Zealand. You may not be familiar with the local places yet. Our capital city Wellington is a place where many new arrivals will choose to settle first before they get the help of movers Wellington to help move them to not such a busy city or town. But whether you are moving into, out of or simply around New Zealand, there are numerous must-see places in New Zealand. These include Rotorua, Kaikoura, Tongariro National Park, and the Hokianga Harbour. Each one is worth visiting, but if you have only a few days, try to visit all of these places. The best way to make the most of your vacation in New Zealand is to plan it ahead of time. This article will give you some great tips for your next vacation.


One of the must-see places in New Zealand is Wellington. The country’s capital is home to many award-winning restaurants. Some of the best include Boulcott Street Bistro, Field & Green, Atlas, Logan Brown, Rita, and Hiakai. If you’re into Maori cuisine, make sure to visit the restaurant Hiakai, which specialises in contemporary Maori cuisine and features a menu created by world-renowned chef Monique Fiso.

The City of Wellington is also home to many beautiful beaches. A stroll along the waterfront will take you to some of Wellington’s best beaches, and you can relax in the sand while admiring the city’s skyline. Dogs are welcome at these beaches and are even welcome off-leash. If you’d rather not go to the beach, you can take a ferry to nearby Matiu/Somes Island. The cost is just $25 NZD for a return trip.


If you’re looking for a new adventure, Rotorua’s adventure park Velocity Valley is the place for you. You can go bungy jumping, freefall, giant swinging, and jet boating. It’s kind of like an extreme funfair and is 9 kilometres outside of Rotorua’s city centre. Whether you choose to jump from a helicopter or bungee cord, you’re bound to have a blast.

The Waimnagu Volcanic Valley is the youngest geothermal valley in the world. Here, you’ll find boiling mud pools and bubbling hot springs. You can also take a mud spa, see an active mud volcano, and eat a traditional Maori meal. Regardless of the type of experience you’re seeking, Rotorua is sure to delight.

Hokianga Harbour

Located 240km north of Auckland, Hokianga Harbour is known for its pristine beaches, sand dunes, and pristine blue waters. This area is also known as the cradle of European settlement in New Zealand, with the Treaty of Waitangi marking the beginning of the colonisation. A few settlements line the harbour, including the top-ranked Horeke and Broadwood.

The harbour is located in the Hokianga District, inland from the Tasman Sea and accessible by small craft. Visitors can take a jet ski trip on the harbour or quad bike on the massive sand dunes. While in the area, don’t miss the Waipoua Forest, home to the world’s largest kauri tree, Tane Mahuta.


If you are a water lover and want to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, Kaikoura is the place for you. The pristine environment is home to a number of marine life species, such as dolphins. Visitors can also visit the Kaikoura whaling station, which is the only one in the world still in operation. Whale vertebrae were used to build the station’s foundation.

Kaikoura is a picturesque coastal town located on the northern coast of the upper South Island. It is also known as the whale-watching capital of New Zealand. Tourists can almost guarantee seeing sperm whales while whale-watching. Other species of animals that visitors may see while whale watching in Kaikoura include seals, penguins, and dolphins. It is possible to learn the Maori language and sample some local cuisine while they’re here.

Tongariro National Park

Located on the North Island of New Zealand, Tongariro National Park features three active volcanoes and ski slopes. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing trail passes Emerald Lakes, boiling mud pools, and the still-active Red Crater. While you’re in the park, be sure to check out the brown kiwi, trout, and rapids on the Tongariro River.

If you’re interested in hiking, there are many trails in the park. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the most popular one, spanning 20 kilometers and taking approximately seven to eight hours. You’ll pass bubbling pools and giant crater floors on the way, and can admire sweeping views from the top. The trail is relatively easy, though it’s not flat, so plan on taking your time on this hike.